Bump-n-Grind...it's all in the shoulders

In eighteen days, I will have to pleasure of ushering another group of ladies into the behind-the-scenes world of Burlesque. At our third "playshop" (it's too much fun to be called a workshop), I am hopeful we will have more brave and open minded souls, similar to those who attended our first two gatherings.

Starting last November, Miss Petite Coquette (my BDB co-founder and co-hort) and I welcomed close to 20 women to McCurdy's Comedy Theatre for our first such offering. To be honest, despite a well thoughtout outline for our three hours together, neither Miss PC nor I knew exactly WHAT to expect. But the lovely gals started filing in, happy and eager on a Saturday afternoon.

The first hour or so was lots of laughs with anecdotes and secrets shared. Hair, make-up, costuming, and never-before-shared stories of what goes into the show and what ACTUALLY happens behind the scenes. A quick lunch and a delivered/promised shot of Vodka or Jack Daniels (ladies choice) led us to the time they were all there for: learn how to do it like a pro!

Miss Petite Coquette led the giggling crew through glove and stocking removal. Cheers and hoots were common place as our students encouraged each other. How to work a boa? Just watch Miss PC herself slither it over her shoulder, past her glittering skin. Ready to learn how to twirl your tassels? The energy heightened in the club. Most women attached the tassels to their tee shirts or bras. But this one beautiful girl dared to apply directly to her nipples! I do not think she would be upset that I mention she is not only beautiful and brave but plus sized. In her glory, proud of her loveliness, she alone inspired this bevy of beauties with her bravery. It was exhillarating and wonderful!

Flash forward to January, and 20+ chickypoos show up for Round #2! Same outline, same lunch, same shot of courage, but this time.... nearly ALL the women bared their breasts and went straight to nipples with their pasties! Led by our orignal BBW, this band of sisters ROCKED THE HOUSE, albeit in privacy of an afternoon at our favorite venue.

So on April 20th, we shall gather again. Who will attend? Who will giggle, shy away, or step forward? Who will be liberated by the glory of themselves? To celebrate what Black Diamond Burlesque preaches: that there are MANY versions of beauty. Trust me, I have seen them in person!

~Lady LaLa, producer

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